All That Remains: A Charlie Silver Mystery : 2 (Charlie Silver Mysteries)

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Greenaway B. Blues Crime 3-Book Bundle R. Blues Crime 4-Book Bundle R. Careless Brown of the Globe J. Baker Foreword by John A. Hodgins and John S. Gimblett and Michael L.

Ivey Foreword by J. Bell and Frederick J.

Jinnah Assort 3 pack selection Donald J. Forster Edited by Jeffrey M. Heath Creep R. Whitehorne and Ronald E. Watt Contributions by James F.

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Morrison and William A. Oronhyatekha Michelle A. Kingsmill Dynamic Forest Malcolm F. McKenzie , Jon H. Gunther Plaut Introduction by Jonathan V.

Reese Witherspoon's Book Club |

Cameron Foreword by C. Watt Gavin K. Watson Photographs by John C. Watson By photographer John C. Michalos Goodbye Canada? Williams Foreword by J. It was just so elegant, so stylish.

Nancy Drew

Alas, I do not meet Michele and Stephen Marck until a few days later, so I cannot introduce these kindred spirits. Michele is wearing a beautiful vintage navy blue suit with a handmade rainbow sweater "I don't read," she says when I ask about the books, "I knit" and sports a crisp black bob and perfectly madeup, 40s-style face. Her husband wears a trilby and Oxford bags. They own the whole of Agatha in paperback, but it is the programmes and the background that they love. They look amazing. They dress like this the whole time, and run a vintage fashion fair company in Essex.

Back then, men were men; they were smart. Women were glamorous, more feminine; they were ladies. Sometimes the modern world intrudes despite our best endeavours, I suppose. I do find one die-hard fan of the books, however.

About Dundurn

Jennifer Bird has been reading and collecting them as her mother did before her for 40 years. Speaking to her sheds more light on why I fail to enjoy the novels. I lack the curiosity that propels her. She is the quintessential armchair detective and yes, she does like crosswords, too. For me a crossword hater , the puzzle is a frustration, a teasing barrier to absorption. To her it is, as it surely should be, the engine of engagement. They're mellower. I don't like gruesome.

I like the intrigue. I like when you have to solve it. There is nothing to distract from her own personal detective work. But there is also a small subsection of fans for whom the main attraction is the author herself. Was she as happy a child as she insisted, thrown on her own imaginative resources as effectively, because her siblings were much older an only child?

Book your trip

Where did the years of nightmares from the age of 10, about a gunman who stalked and threatened her oblivious family, come from? As intriguing a puzzle as any in her books is the question of what happened during her day disappearance after the discovery that her first husband, Archibald Christie, was having an affair and wanted a divorce.

Did she suffer from amnesia as she claimed when she was tracked down at a Harrogate spa, signed in under the name of Archie's mistress, or was that a face-saving lie in the wake of the massive publicity her disappearance had generated? Did she just want to get away and not realise her fame meant it would spark a manhunt? Or did she reckon the police would suspect as indeed they did her husband of foul play and give him the hell she felt he deserved? Her posthumously published autobiography mentions, reluctantly, the divorce, but nothing more. We will never know, though various biographers have argued for each interpretation.

A group of women sitting in Breezes cafe, who decline to give their names, sigh in admiration at Christie's fortitude, post-divorce — when the need to write for a living rather than for pleasure became paramount — and in contentment at her marriage, a few years later, to the much more dependable Max Mallowan, an archaeologist whom she accompanied on digs, helping — while she gathered less tangible material for some of her most famous tales, such as Murder on the Orient Express — to piece broken pottery together.

It is, we all agree, a delicious image, the meticulous plotter patiently aligning the scattered shards into a workable whole once more. Almost as good as the vision of her in the hospital pharmacy in which she worked during the second world war, surrounded by the bottles of poisons that would one day find their way down the unsuspecting gullets of so many victims. After nearly a week in Torquay, a trip to Greenway on the River Dart and an evening at the theatre watching Witness for the Prosecution two hours of talking followed by six minutes of double-bluffing, triple-twisting action at the end — 's answer to CSI , I realise I am gradually entering a better mindset for Agatha appreciation.

The slow, unyielding pace of the books feels better here. The rock is over 6 million years old, formed by an eruption of magma. The former volcano is very important both culturally and spiritually to the area's indigenous peoples. The site was used for sacred ceremonies and initiations. However, they avoided venturing to the rock's summit, which they believed to be inhabited by evil spirits.

10 Mysterious Photos That Can't Be Explained

Despite the ghost stories both ancient and new that lurk in its crevasses, Hanging Rock is still a popular picnic spot. It now hosts horse races, music concerts, markets, and even petanque tournaments. Anyone who fancies testing their nerve can go on a night tour of its caverns. Forging your way through gum trees and bush, you're likely to stumble across kangaroos, possums, and wallabies.

Aside from its trail of literature and nature-loving tourists, Hanging Rock also attracts visitors fascinated by the site's strange magnetic activity. People often claim that their watches and electronic devices stop working as they approach the outcrop and the town of Woodend nearby boasts an Anti-Gravity Hill.

Murder in Manhattan

On its incline cars and other objects mysteriously find themselves rolling up, rather than down, the slope. Paranormal phenomenon or optical illusion? The warped shots of ticking clocks and eerie sense of supernatural presence in the BBC drama plays on these local superstitions.