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Signature Licks Saxophone. Instruction, Jazz. Softcover Audio Online. C Instruments By Various. Alto Saxophone - Difficulty: medium Alto Saxophone. Hal Leonard Artist Transcriptions. Alto saxophone songbook. With chord names. C Instruments C Instruments.


Fake Book. Jazz, Latin. C Instruments Composed by Various. Hal Leonard Fake Books. Fakebook leadsheet notation. With leadsheet notation and chord names. C Instruments Bb Edition. B-flat Instruments Bb Instruments. C Instruments C Edition.

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Bb Instruments Bb Edition. C Instruments - Difficulty: medium Composed by Various. With vocal melody, lyrics and leadsheet notation. Eb Instruments Eb Edition. With vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics English and spanish , chord names and guitar chord diagrams. Arranged by Lee Evans. Evans Piano Education. Latin and Jazz. With standard notation and fingerings does not include words to the songs. Published by Edward B.

Marks Music HL.

Woodwind Price in Malaysia October 12222

On mastering the basics, students can climb up to intermediate level sax; these offer tones closely similar to professional level sax but missing some frills. Compared to student level sax, the keys feel more responsive and smoother. Better still, they come with simple but great appearance with exquisite finishes. Pro level saxophones deliver the best tone, intonation, and key response. They are offered with hand hammered keys and engravings making them visually appealing.

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Their luxurious finishes and clear colored lacquers make them expensive. With a prop level sax, expect the best quality materials. This will depend on your needs, really.

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Nonetheless, from the information provided above, the main items to look for in a sax include material and finishes, key layout and playability, neck adjustability and mode of construction — either ribbed or un-ribbed whether the knobs that stick out are soldered or directly attached to the body. Granted, below are five saxophone brands you may consider when shopping for a sax.

There are many saxophone brands; each of which has designed and produced stellar pieces of musical instruments. Picking the best of the best from this constellation is no mean fit. However, the following took the crown. Jean Paul saxophones are popular among students and among saxophone brands. The AS is a perfect apt for beginners and intermediates alike thanks to its superior tone, even key action and key layout that feels smooth enough for band members.

It comes with a fluid keywork that gives it a relaxed feeling making it playable by any saxophonist. It has a rounded intonation and a warm, versatile sound that fits in any band and in different music genres. Its exquisite brass body coupled with its power forged keys, and its heavy bell brace offers durability and makes it a perfect choice for many.

Beginners will appreciate its tapered pivot keys which make it easy to play. It sports a lacquer finish. The Selmer La Voix II is a great instrument to try if you are interested in honing your sax skills and developing your signature sound. It offers a great sound, features highly responsive keys and palsy in tune, making it a popular brand among professional saxophonists.

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It has been designed to offer an acoustic response and fluid compatible with a wide range of registers. Featuring a low resistance neck, this sax is able to bring out the exact sound a saxophonist needs. All the above features merged with a compact key design and pro spring tension tickles my fancy for this sax.

It also sports multiple fine-tuning screws, mini-rib body, treated leather pads, bell flare and high F. Variants of the La Voix II include tenor, soprano, alto and baritone.

Each piece comes with hand engraving on lacquered brass. Each sax operates on Selmer mouthpieces which further smoothens the tone, offer an impressive response and ensures a steady intonation. To further guarantee the durability of the product, Selmer has designed lightweight cases. The AS is a student alto sax that has been designed to offer great sounds.

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Being a student model, the sax sports a compact key design that allows correct and precise keying making it a good fit for beginners. Its yellow brass body comes with a separable body-to-bow connection and a ribbed construction to ensure durability and sturdiness while in use. Other features include left hand key rocker mechanism which has been articulated with C adjusting screw, a high F key, a molded mouthpiece designed to offer professional quality tones — mouthpiece comes with cap and ligature -, engraved bell, dark lacquer keys and body, neck strap, cork grease, right hand thumb rest, leather pads and metal resonators.

A combination of these and more features make this sax complete and versatile enough to deliver for beginners and intermediates. The AS weighs only three pounds which is light enough for players. A hardshell case has been designed to keep this sax safe and increase its durability. The YAS was designed to be used by beginners, intermediates and professionals alike. It is offered with a relatively light weight and an ergonomic key design that makes it easy to handle and play. Its intonation is stellar, allowing players to develop their own sound.

The latest YAS models are enhanced to offer even better quality sounds; a new and stable neck receiver and a low B-C connection offer better adjustment to ensure a refined intonation. The new neck receiver, besides featuring a durable screw for easier adjustments, promotes quick key responses, makes playing easy and enhances instrument durability. With a low B-C connection, the sax a smooth low C closing while promoting responsiveness from notes in the low range of this sax.

Pro-One Baritone – BS6200

There is also an adjustable thumb rest. With a full body length of 30 inches and weighing 2 pounds, the YAS comes light enough not only to be carried anywhere but also be comfortable while being played. The instrument comes with redesigned left-hand keys to offer comfort and enhance responsiveness during playing. The clear lacquered keys and body make this instrument appealing to many experienced and beginner saxophonists. It is offered with a high F key to further enhance its sound. Besides the strong build, Antigua has designed a canvas bag to protect the sax.

Its yellow brass build makes it beautiful and durable while its new and advanced receiver neck gives it the best intonation and tone. Better still, it is simple enough to accommodate beginners yet offer a wide range of voicings to be used professionally. Its versatility is simply a force to reckon with. The compact key arrangement enables the user to produce a good tonal balance and adjusts volumes without the fear of spoiling the sounds.

As a plus, this sax comes with all needed accessories and a strong storage case for protection.