Guide for the Noahide: A Complete Manual for Living by the Noahide Laws

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  1. Learning more about the prohibition against theft
  2. Is Social Activism Destroying American Judaism? - Tikkun Olam, For Real - Ethics & Morality
  3. Halakha and the Seven Laws

As deranged firemen scorched neighborhoods as well as the minds of would be intellects oppressed by their governments, so our military and police today do exactly the opposite of what they have been charged to do — preserve our safety and defend our freedoms. Instead they intimidate the majority into silence and leave them cringing in silence while secretly hoping to avoid the fickle finger of fate and a violent SWAT team crashing through their front door even though it is the wrong address.

This would account for all the generals the last few presidents have fired for counseling common sense rather the following homicidal orders. And now happening in Oregon, quasi government agencies of questionable authenticity steal land from legitimate farmers, throw them in jail, and the dumbfounded population stands around with their mouths open, criticizing those who would save farmers from being hoodwinked out of their land and homes by corrupt judges in kangaroo courts. The potential course of the future now depends on the resolve of a small group of patriots gathered in a cold forest sorely lacking in support from the general population.

It is no exaggeration to predict that whatever happens to them will happen to the rest of us. The Jews who run our country are never going to listen to reason and suddenly strive to behave in a reasonable and rational manner. They are going to keep stealing and killing until they are stopped. The shooting has to start somewhere. Burns, Oregon might be a sensible place to begin. At exactly the time we need more people to behave like Guy Montag and stop this slide into insanity when truth is what our voracious government says it is, and justice cannot intrude into the consciousness of a citizenry intent on watching TV and texting their friends, we observe an unprecedented turning away from what needs to be done to survive, and misplaced intent leading to the widespread destruction of our species and every other species as well.

Sorry to have to tell you again, but those who sleep now will be the first ones to die in the very near future. Our criminal, Jew-run government must be disenfranchised, detoxified and, where appropriate, disemboweled as soon as possible. If you must pick a day to start fighting back, today might just be the best choice of all.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Those who fall for the lies of the Zionist media campaign against the Muslims as well as the Christians are being hoodwinked into aiding and abetting the Jewish agenda of divide and conquer of nations for the benefit of their NWO program. Stay focused on the ultimate designers of deception — Israel and World Jewry headed by the Rothschild criminal cartel.

Part I. By Scott Bennett. January, 8th, He was alone, and felt it deeply, like a far echo sounding in an immensely vast cavern. He tilted his Stetson to the ground, looked at the burgundy courtroom carpet, and thought…and thought…and thought some more. How could it have come to this? Did he miss something? What just happened? After all, his family had worn the military uniform for a hundred years and pridefully accented their walls and desks with the old pictures, medals, framed citations, and faded ribbons, along with the music of heroic, quiet, and laughing stories of men acting like boys during war, which always changed rooms and lives.

He recounted the basic facts, biting his lip and squinting at floor as he strained his thoughts slowly, and re-ordered in his mind every step taken — every action, every word said, every judgment hammered. Oh please, come on, of course it was insane.

Learning more about the prohibition against theft

Surely no one in their right mind could think a cowboy boot wearing, beer drinking, rodeo-howling rancher was a danger to children, his people, his town, his country …but yet this was precisely what the Department of Justice lawyer had so many times inferred in his loud, angry syllables and resentful tone as he repeated the terrorism statute definition used to box-in the rancher.

After all, men with guns and blue windbreakers were soon coming to force him back into a jail cell, then turn around and push his wife and their history of existence off the farm; and perhaps eventually erase him from life as his years faded. That is, unless he did something. But what was he to do now? How do you get back on the roller coaster after being told to exit to the right, other than refusing to get out of your seat? This time, he would tell them what they missed the first time…yes, that must have been the reason for their screw up and slandering of them.

But then again, he knew human lust and desire for power and laziness — the opiates of politics — and when combined with government authority, it became a deadly and paralyzing tonic. He shivered again, and felt the anger begin to rise like it never had before. Suddenly his jaw clenched as he heard a familiar drill sergeant somewhere in his mind calling out numbers in his head and speaking the words:. Five years go by. Strange, and wrong. Cold shock, gaping mouth amazement…but there has to be some kind of fix or appeal… surely. Something deep in his instincts founded in the primordial passion to defend wife and children began to growl, and the thought cleared… Now the real agenda: theft of property and destruction of life.

He would not bow down without a fight.

Is Social Activism Destroying American Judaism? - Tikkun Olam, For Real - Ethics & Morality

His blood ran in the creeks and fed the grass and cows and had nourished the land and lives there for over one hundred years…. For his God and for everything right and true and good, he had to. To fail to, was not just un-American, it was inhuman.

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Time would tell. Most likely these, or something like them, were the thoughts in the minds of the Oregon Rancher father-and-son duo now surrounded by friends and strangers wearing guns and camouflage, and grimly nodding their commitment to him through low country drawls about God and country. If anything encapsulates the unfolding Oregon drama, this might. No doubt these may have been some of the thoughts, images, memories, and emotions that rushed and pounded through the minds of the rancher and his son in Oregon as they pondered their fates, and that of their family.

There are three things to consider in order to understand this: the full dramatic history of this event, the laws and interests involved, and the possible future scenarios being prepared. After all, there are global implications, not just American, should an American civil war percolate. The Temper of Democracy. Over the past couple of days, a seemingly small mole hill has suddenly transformed into a violently erupting volcano, to the terrifying surprise of almost every shallow journalist, Constitutional lawyer, and plastic smiled politician in Washington DC.

It is easy to be blown away on the strong howling winds of terrorist fears and intimidated silent by the thunderous cachophy of tyrannical patriotism. But we are not kites, we are men. And as a military man myself, I am by training and temperament inclined to instinctively not back down or retreat from a rising challenge, but instead meet it head on, either to harmonize and diplomatically engage, or to conquer and destroy.

In the gladiatorial arena of willpower, either the citizen is master over the government, or the slave—there is no other role. If Americans have a right to engage in civil disobedience, then government has an obligation to endure that civil disobedience. And if they refuse to be compliant, this means by definition they are tyrants—which warrants civil war or death.

One or the other. To fully understand and resolve the Oregon stand-off situation, requires that we analyze the history and dynamics of the problem, the competing parties, and the friction between their competing interests. The parameters of the discussion must be justice and law, with human life, liberty, happiness, being the justification for the discussion. The facts show otherwise, but nevertheless the caustic language and propaganda indicates a larger menace: the agenda of a police state crushing all forms of dissent in the United States.

Make no mistake about it. This is a political tug of war, with one winner, and the law itself is the rope. The only thing keeping the protesters alive is the incompetence of the Obama Administration, and the conviction of the patriots standing in the shadows.

Beware of the Noahide Laws??? TNT with Rabbi Stuart Federow #433e54

The Holocaust Hoax Exposed. Perfect Paperback — March 15, Today, if a book similar to this one were published in Europe, its author would be arrested and imprisoned. Their crime: simply questioning the so-called holocaust where six million Jews were allegedly exterminated during WW II. Indeed, researchers have endured solitary confinement, brutal beatings by Jewish assailants, ongoing harassment, lengthy court battles, career suicide, and media attacks directed against their work all because they presented a revisionist history of this pivotal event.

Other writers have been the victims of hate crimes, extensive smear campaigns, fines, death threats, and monetary rewards placed upon their heads after going into hiding. The perpetrators behind these jack-booted Thought Police tactics are an entire holohoax industry devoted to suppressing factual data in favor of peddling heavy-handed doses of propaganda.

Despite these obvious dangers, The Holocaust Hoax Exposed dissects every element of what has become the 20th century s most grotesque conspiracy.

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  7. Covered in jarring detail is the mythology surrounding concentration camps, the truth about Zyklon B, Anne Frank s fable, how the absurd six million figure has become a laughingstock, and the betrayal by maniacal Zionists of their own Jewish people that led to their deaths via starvation and disease after Allied bombings cutoff supply lines to German work camps. Yet, the only way an Israeli state could be created on stolen Palestinian land following WW II was through the most outlandish lies imaginable.

    Halakha and the Seven Laws

    Consequently, the holohoax industry has become a tyrannical dictatorship that incessantly manipulates, distorts, marginalizes and manufactures false results to achieve their Machiavellian ends. By taking their hysterical obsessions to psychopathic levels, the charlatans behind this ruse make it glaringly apparent how weak their foundation is.

    To compensate, these intellectually dishonest con men and women continue to persecute revisionist historians all because they re incapable of supporting their arguments through legitimate debate. The Holocaust Hoax Exposed is the final nail in a rotting coffin that has long been buried beneath a plethora of deceit.

    I disagree. If nothing else, the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters by the Bundy led militia serves as a much needed symbol for the silent majority of the nation — a silent majority that is fed up with the encroachment on our liberties. Symbols are important, and it only takes a spark to start a prairie fire. First and foremost, its important to understand that the government is not the people. It is a separate entity than us. We are not them. We need only to look at the example of the Hammonds to see the reality of this in action, but economist and political theorist Dr.

    Murray N.