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  1. Film Review ~ Warm Bodies, 2013
  2. This zom-rom-com isn’t mindless, but it is a little bit lifeless.
  3. Warm Bodies: Finally, a half-decent zombie romance movie
  4. Film Review ~ Warm Bodies, | Virtual Borderland

Z Nation is, in many ways, the exact opposite of The Walking Dead. Whereas The Walking Dead loves to build up and stretch out suspense through slow-burning plotlines, Z Nation is all about action. Z Nation pulls its inspiration from films like 28 Days Later, where zombies are rage-filled and semi-intelligent. Drama, Comedy IMDb: 7.

The premise involves a medical student who gets turned into a zombie and must eat brains to keep from raging—but also absorbs the memories and personalities of those whom she eats. These memories help her to solve criminal investigations. The premise sounds silly, but iZombie executes well. The cast is mostly great, the stories are engaging, and it walks a fine line between several genres: crime, horror, comedy, and romance.

Comedy, Drama IMDb: 7. Santa Clarita Diet is a bit rough in the first two episodes, but eventually grows on you if you give it a chance. The hardest thing to accept is that this show intentionally goes for its over-the-top, over-acted style of humor that has turned some people off from the show. Joel and Sheila are a pair of California realtors who wake up one day to find that Sheila now craves human flesh. Santa Clarita Diet explores the comical side of how a husband, wife, and daughter might deal with such a life-changing event. Despite the over-the-top humor, Santa Clarita Diet is smart comedy.

No laugh track, no inconsistent punchlines, and lots of mature character development. Which is why we've put together a list of the best sitcoms to watch on Netflix. Read More right now. Horror, Drama IMDb: 7. Do you like your TV shows to be more than mindless entertainment?

Would you expect any less of Charlie Brooker? Indeed, the guy behind Dead Set is also the guy who created Black Mirror, an anthology series about the unintended consequences of new technology. NB: Dead Set is a five-part mini-series, so you could treat it as one long movie cut into five acts. Drama IMDb: 7. Containment follows the story of an epidemic outbreak in Atlanta, which results in a quarantine that keeps a group of people stuck inside the city as the outbreak spreads. Not a situation you want to be stuck in with an illness brewing all around—doubly so when that illness turns people into manic zombies.

From the creator of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica comes Helix, a science-fiction show that follows an Arctic research team tasked with investigating a disease outbreak. Unfortunately, Helix received mixed reviews and was canceled after two seasons. Black Summer has a simple premise: a mother is separated from her daughter and will stop at nothing to find her and be reunited. Black Summer is produced by the same company behind Z Nation, so if you liked that one and want more like it, you should definitely check this out.

Halloween is about more than just zombies, you know.

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Not a problem. The best scary movies on Netflix can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Read More to watch to get yourself into the Halloween spirit. Your email address will not be published. Good list. Helix's first season was great - not so much that second season. Should I?

Film Review ~ Warm Bodies, 2013

I lay her down gently, and as our arms slide apart, her hand grasps mine. I join her on the bed, facing her, hands clasped between us. My forehead wrinkles as I try to formulate an answer. And I get cranky. She reaches out and puts her hand on my chest, over my heart, feeling it beat. I nod. Straddling the world of the dead and the world of the living. I was lucky enough to be buried in whatever chemicals were leaking from the barrels I remember. Never humans. I can do that, right?

We lay facing each other on the bed as I try to process everything. My husband died, but then he came back. And neither am I. A thought strikes me, and I stop stroking his chest. He looks off to the side. That hollow, haunted look. I now recognize it as being the look of someone who recalls their own traumatic death. I rest my chin on the hand touching his chest. Josephine so quickly. Would you have believed me then? I shake my head.

  1. This zom-rom-com isn’t mindless, but it is a little bit lifeless.?
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  8. It took watching him eat raw meat before I could put everything together, before I could believe it. Or at least it had been before grief drained all the lighter parts of me away.

    This zom-rom-com isn’t mindless, but it is a little bit lifeless.

    Undead proof. No kiss. I say the only thing I can.

    Not now, and not ever. Thank you. He wants to kiss me. And I want to kiss him back. The fact just keeps circling back to the front of my mind. Like the vampires in books and movies. A supernatural being, rather than the walking dead.

    🧟‍♀️ 23 Zombie Riddles And Picture Puzzles To Speed Up Your Brain 🧠

    The distinction matters, because he is also my husband. He smells like my husband, feels like my husband.

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    The sprinkling of hair on his chest feels the same to my fingers as I rub his chest. His chest is warm, and rising and falling in a normal pattern, if a little slow. His heartbeat beneath my palm is also pretty slow. Sluggish, as if he were sound asleep rather than awake and staring at me.


    Warm Bodies: Finally, a half-decent zombie romance movie

    And here he is, beside me now. Is he going to bite me? Eat me? Turn me into one? Can I really love him, and be a little afraid of him at the same time?

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    And what did it say about me if I did? I run a fingertip across his lips. If I kiss him now, it will be because I want to. Because I want him. And so help me God, I do. I raise my mouth to his and give him a gentle kiss. He responds timidly, tenderly. I deepen the kiss slightly.

    Film Review ~ Warm Bodies, | Virtual Borderland

    With my eyes closed, it feels exactly the same. Like his funeral and burial never happened. This is my husband, and I love him with all my heart and soul and mind, and I do trust him, even in this state. I pull back and open my eyes, staring into his warm brown ones. He grabs my hand in his own and brings it up to his lips and kisses it fervently.